Field Day 2017

Big News!  Talk to NE4GA's AMSAT this Field Day!

After last year's little Field Day problem, we've decided to give it another try. We may have been a little ambitious with our Field Day goals in 2016 so we've scaled back our plans a bit.

In case you've forgotten the events from last year, here's a little video showing the highlights from our attempted rocket launch. You can clearly see the Nicholson water tower next to the launch site.

In order make sure this year's Field Day is a success, we scaled back our rocket just a bit. Here's a little preview of our plans for Field Day 2017:

Because of last year's little incident, each club member will be accessed a small fee of $4,356,250 to cover insurance costs. Cash or check is acceptable. Save your pennies and join us for ARRL Field Day 2017 on June 24-25.

The North East Georgia Amateur Radio Club supports camaraderie and fellowship among those with an interest in Amateur Radio. Whatever your interests or level of knowledge, you can find a home with us! Whether your interest are in public service, contesting, dx’ing, technical aspects or whatever else there is a place for you around the table.

The club uses the callsign NE4GA during several events throughout the year including ARRL Field Day, the Georgia QSO Party and any other excuse we can find to get on the air. 

If you have had a QSO with us and would like a QSL Card, visit the QSL Info page.

We have many members who can act as an “Elmer” to those just starting out. We also have activities for members of all levels. Some of the groups we support are:

ARES organizations in Jackson and Banks counties

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Amateur Radio operators (Hams) are all ages and come from many different backgrounds. Becoming a licensed Ham has never been easier. There are so many different aspects of the hobby you will never be able to explore them all. Talk to a Ham on board the International Space Station, communicate with someone on the other side of the world, build your station from parts or antique radios, become involved with Emergency Communications, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Get started by sending us a message on the Contact Page