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December 2014

North East Georgia Amateur Radio Club

Dec 4, 2014 

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm by President Dick Ashworth. Since this is the Christmas party our meeting was very short. 


1) Dick mentioned the club still has the Icon 718 Transceiver for sale. Gary Griffin was asked to put this on the Club website at $400.

2) Election of officers was voted and accepted. All previous year's officers were elected for 2015 except for Secretary. This position will be held by Darlene Griffin for 2015. She stated that name tags would be requested this year so she can get to know the members. She will provide them at the door for those who do not have a permanent badge.

3)SERA needs to be renewed, $30 for 1 yr., $60 for 2 yrs. Expires Jan. 2015

4) Treasury report was read and approved

5) Hamcation in Orlando FL will be on Feb. 13, 14, and 15th 2015

6) Gary Griffin told group that the Club Domain was expiring and was owned by a past member.  Dr. Tiller will contact Doug to get it transferred and then discuss with Gary.

Submitted for Approval of club by Darlene Griffin, Secretary.