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December 2015

Minutes from
DECEMBER 5, 2015
NEGARC Meeting

The meeting was called to order by our President Dick Ashworth at 12:15 pm

Treasurer Report: $83.38 Saving Acct. $65.24
A bill was put forth to pay for our Web Sites reimbursing Gary Griffin. A motion was made by Jim and 2nd by Darlene to pay, voted and accepted by those present.
Jim paid $30 for our SERA dues and said to treat as a donation to club,

Public Service Report: Bob Herrin
ARES meeting in November went off pretty well. The Report will be read into the minutes at the January 2016 meeting.

Repeater Report: Jim says they are working great. Sounds good on 440 up in Danielsville.

New Business:
It is time to collect dues, please bring those to the Jan. meeting if you did not pay this month.

Ham Cram on 12th in Braselton  at Police station and the 16th in Athens at the Public Health Dept.

Old Business:
Nomination  of 2016 Officer Candidates: President Dick Ashworth, VP  Bob Herrin, Treasurer Frank Charpiat, Secretary Janna Tolbert. Motion made by Darlene and 2nd by Jim that we accept these choices,  we voted on these and all were affirmed.

Motion to adjourn  for our party made by Jim and 2nd by Bob all agreed at 12:30pm
Merry Christmas
Darlene Griffin, 2015