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February 2015

Feb 5, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Pres. Dick Ashworth, WB4HFX, at 6:40 pm with 10 members and guests present.

Program was presented by Warren, NE4T on D-RATS, a program for digital operations.  He gave a good overview of the features and capabilities of the program and its applications.  Raspberry Pi was also discussed.  Well done and thank you, Warren.


TREASURER:  General fund   $464.11              Repeater fund $1178.29    
Dues for 2015 are being collected now.

REPEATER:  No problems but we need to consider someone to help or take over responsibility for the repeater.
MINUTES:  Approved.

ARES:   Two activities coming up in March:
Mar 4  Community response event in Barrow County
Mar 28 – Formidable Footprint exercise  @ 9am.  Location to be decided.  Registration is needed.
Check calendar for upcoming Feb events.

PUBLIC SERVICE – Radio volunteers are welcome.
There was a good turnout for both Jan events.  We also helped with the siren testing and reports.  Thank you all.

SKYWARN:  There have been no weather activations. The Banks/Jackson skywarn net will be at 7:30p on Tuesdays. Reporting guidelines were discussed.  Regional net is held on the tri-county repeater.

No response yet on sale of ICOM 718 radio.  Will look at other sites to list it.  We need to decide on the CW capable radio to be purchased before we can look at trading in the ICOM.  Come to next meeting with suggestions for a good CW capable radio.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.