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June 2015


Meeting called to order by President Dick Ashworth at 6:35 pm

Minutes from last meeting were put to vote of acceptance with Gary making motion and Frank 2nd, approved by all present.

Committee Reports:

Treasury Report: None since Dr. Tiller was not present.

Repeater Report: Jim states both are working as designed. Jim reminds us all to tune in on Thursday night for the NET.

Public Service:  Bob told us there were T Shirts for the twilight Run and Marigold. Up next on 6/6 is the Jackson Brevet Race, need to bring mobile, handi with mag mount. 6/7/15  United Methodist Church 5K at 5:30 am bring a Handi with mag mount, or mobile rig. Meet at Classic Center

ARES:  State wide emergency test will take place in November. Hospitals and Red Cross near Athens Tech. FLDigi software has been accepted by most hospitals to use. EOC Jackson co is moving.

Skywarn: We have had 2 severe storm warnings to date. The Tuesday net is at 8:30pm 1st Tuesday of each month.

No Old Business and no New Business

Field Day discussion filled the rest of the evening.

Gary was asked to put info on web page.
Darlene and Gary will furnish meat course of smoked pork and turkey.
Dick will gather and bring our Club Brochures.
Bob will bring our banner.

GA QSO party entry done.

A door prize was drawn for and the winner was Mark. A neat hat.

Darlene made the motion to adjourn and it was 2nd by Chuck, all agreed.