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March 2015


March Meetings Minutes taken and submitted for approval by Secretary Darlene Griffin

At 6:30 pm President called the meeting to order.

Committee Reports:

Treasurer Report given by Dr. Tiller -  Checking Acct: $279.16   Repeater Fund: $283.29

Club Voted to spend $1359.95 on a new radio for CW and this brought our balances down.

Paid to date for 2015 13 members covering 12 households.

Repeater report given by Jim and Ken – our repeater was down due to ice storm. A discussion ensued about the necessity of getting a battery option for outages of this sort.

Reminder that a new Repeater handler or handlers is needed immediately. Ken may be interested if he can get a partner to help. Bob suggested a trip to the site would be good.

Dick said he may be able to make a backup for the repeater.

ARES report given by Bob Herrin  meeting to be held discussing digital modes. Meet at Jefferson House Restaurant at 8 am for breakfast.

Public Service report given by Bob Herrin – on March 28th Formidable Footprint Jackson County Emergency Service and Red Cross. This is good practice. A quarter marathon Bike Ride Charity Event to be held in June by Jackson Brevet Charity Ride.

G-Day game needs working assistants. Angela commented that many are unaware that they need back up power.

Sky warn report given by Dick, A meeting was held. NWS Chat Room which can be accessed only by Dick and no one else needs additional person with full access. In the event of an active weather event use web site to report rather than phone. We will activate a net when necessary.

Old Business: Bob has sent a letter to the Mayor of Nicholson thanking him for allowing us to use the Community center for Field Day.

Dr. Tiller said our new CW radio is on it's way.

New Business:  GA QSO Party April 11 -12th Franklin County is a good place to set up as they do not have few registered HAM operators and will be very popular for contacts. Sunday afternoon we could meet there as a group.

Program:  Was supposed to introduce the new radio but alas it is late in shipping. So did the new 50/50 cash drawing. Gary Griffin won. $18.50 for club plus $1.50 donation  by members.

Motion made by Ken Reid to adjourn and was 2nd by Bob Herrin. Adjourned at 7:45 pm