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May 2015


MAY 7, 2015

Our meeting was called to order by our president at 6:32 pm

Committee Reports were called for:

1: Treasurer Report given by Dr. Tiller, our general fund now has $357.24 and our repeater  fund now has $383.35. Total number of 2015 paid members are 16 representing 15 households.

Dr Tiller gave a report on the insurance research. $1.40 per $100 in value with a $50 deductible through the Hayes Group. Value estimates of $8000 for total of $112 was approved. Dr. Tiller will purchase and list all equipment for our records and the insurance rider. Motion made by Darlene and 2nd by Chuck. Passed by all members.

2: Repeater Report brief as no issues of late.

3:ARES Report given by Bob Herrin. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was issued for use of the trailer with the county and Dist 10 Public Health. Meeting to be held with the county on Tuesday at 6:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. Our agreement is to show up and operate when needed. Emergency Mgmt. Services must involve us if they use the trailer. November a Statewide meeting will be held at Athens Tech.

4: Public Service report given by Bob Herrin. Upcoming events – Twilight 5K will have 900 plus runners. St Mary's Benefit. May 16th the 40th annual 10K begins at 7:30 am. UGA graduation on May 8, 5:30 pm, need headset.

Race – Jackson Brevet Several different races. Need mobile, mag mount and power.

May 10 5K at United Methodist Church

5: Skywarn Report given by Dick Ashworth

One serious storm so far with tornado warnings.

If we have tornado warnings listen to the NEGARC repeater for a net or start one if necessary.

If a WATCH only then stand by on our repeater and monitor.

NEW BUSINESS:  none to discuss


Field day we will have 2 voice radios and 1 CW. Please bring coax. Be listing what you want or need to bring on Field Day. Gary can do a page on web list 3 stations and ask for sign ups for times.

Darlene had volunteered to smoke a pork butt roast and bring as the meat option for our meal. Either turkey or chicken will also be included. All sauces will be on side. This will be just lightly seasoned meat, not BBQ so to speak.

3 BBQ sauces and other condiments will be available. A signup sheet to be circulated for the other side items, paper goods, drinks, ice etc.

Dick will find and bring the club brochures. Bob will bring the ARRL banner.


Door prize was won by mark.

Darlene made the motion to dismiss and it was 2nd by Chuck.