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November 2015

Minutes from November 5, 2015
NEGARC Meeting

The meeting was called to order by our President Dick at 6:30 pm

Treasurer Report: $83.38 Saving Acct. $65.24

Repeater Dues of $25 is due and must be paid.

Jim read a letter from Dr. Tiller's son from the funeral. Dr. Tiller died on 10-24-2015, the police
code 10-24 is Assignment completed.

Goodbye our dear friend Dr. Tiller.

Public Service Report: Please see email by Bob. There is a Skywarn training at the Fire Training Center on Nov. 10th Let Bob know if you are coming.

Repeater Report: Jim says they are working great. Sounds good on 440 up in Danielsville.
The owner of the property for which we have an easement is disgruntled about us coming and going. This is unfortunate but we will continue to go out to the repeater as needed. We can stay where we are no need to move our repeater. There is no expiration date in the agreement.

We still should pursue the Grant from EMC. Bob and Dick will put together history, need, budget for equipment etc. Darlene will prepare and submit the grant application when provided with the info needed.

New Business: We should begin to have a Swap Meet to raise money after 1st of new year.
There is a Hamfest at fairgrounds in Lawrenceville this Sat.

The Secretary officer should be attending to more than in past. Dr. Tiller took care of much of the club business. Corporation papers and SERA papers should be maintained by Secretary.

Annual Corporation registrations must be done by Treasurer as it required payment by Check.

Nomination  of 2016 Officer Candidates: President Dick Ashworth, VP OPEN but propose Bob Herrin, Treasurer Frank Charpiat, Secretary Janna Tolbert. We will vote on these at the December party meeting.

Party will be 1st Saturday in December, Darlene will find a location.  A motion was made by Janna that we eat out this year, approved by all present. Will be Dec. 5th Lunch

Darlene will cancel the Library for December.

Program by Jim. A discussion of the technical details of our new repeater.  Jim told us a lot about how it works and what it's capabilities are.

Motion to adjourn made by Gary and 2nd by Janna.