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October 2015

NEGARC October Meeting Minutes 2015
Minutes taken by Secretary Darlene Griffin KD4TCG

Meeting called to order by President Ashworth at 6:35 pm

Public Service:

Charity Walks  10/24 and 10/23



Class in October at the Fire Training Center. There is a Hurricane off the East Coast be on alert.


Dr. Tiller was reimbursed for the purchase of the club repeater.  Our current balances are $65.24 in checking and $83.38 in Savings

Dr. Tiller is in very poor health and in the hospital. He has resigned his officer position.

Old Business:

Repeater purchased and in process of being put in place.

New Business:
We need to send cards and or flowers to Dr. Tiller at Athens Regional Hospital. He is terminal.


Good news we have a new one, bad news not working as we hoped. It is very unique and requires different inputs to give outputs. It sends back in same mode as it receives signal. but not digital to old school Dstar radios.

It has lots of software issues. It stays on when contact is made even if person drops. Ties up the repeater.

Catches signals not intended for our reception. Motion made by Jim and 2nd by Chip approved by group to put back in service the old repeater on 2 meter and move new one to 440.

We need to apply for a grant from Jackson EMC  to purchase our own tower and find a new location for it.

Motion made by Jim and 2nd by Chip for the club to apply for as much of a grant as we can get $15,000 or more.

Motion to adjourn made by Jim and 2nd by Chip voted by the group.