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September 2015


Meeting called to order by President Dick Ashworth at 6:32 pm

Minutes from last meeting were put to vote and accepted by the group present.

Committee Reports:

Treasury Report: None since Dr. Tiller was not present.

Repeater Report: Jim states both are working as designed. Jim reminds us all to tune in on Thursday night for the NET. Discussion around whether we need to move our repeater physically to new location.  Bob will get info on possible sites and look at Banks Water Tower.

Public Service, ARES:  report from Bob Herrin


Public Service:  We had 8 hams from the Athens and Jackson County clubs supporting the Primal Rush Half-Marathon, 10k and 5k runs on August 29th. This was a cross-country run around Crow’s Lake in Jefferson, and all operators were busy keeping up with the runners. It was an excellent opportunity to practice deployment skills.


ARES: Digital Training will take place in Braselton at the police station on September 12 from 1 pm till 7 or so. The training will be in three segments – D-RATS, FLDIGI and Winlink. Participants are encouraged to download and install the software on their laptops and bring the laptops to the training.


The Jackson Co Emergency Management Agency has offered tower space for our repeaters. The club is at the end of its agreement with the current tower owners and the ability to keep the repeater at the current location is in question. Bob was asked to research the offer and bring information back to the club.


Skywarn: Both NEGARC and TriCo have a Skywarn Net. Discussion about a Jackson county net.


Skywarn:  Bob has been appointed Skywarn Coordinator for Jackson County, responsible for coordinating non-ham and ham storm spotters. Dick continues as the coordinator for hams and he and Bob will work together to ensure that we have a complete picture for the county during severe weather. Bob suggested that the NEGARC Skywarn program be changed to Jackson County Skywarn. The NEGARC club pioneered the Skywarn activity and this is a logical next step, since the ham community has grown in Jackson County. Check-ins would still be allowed from hams outside the county. Changing the Skywarn web site to reflect a Jackson County Skywarn program was discussed.

No Old Business and no New Business

Our program was a lively discussion of 160 meters. Discussion included details on best antenna to use. Why not many folks are on it, and what is best time of day or night to use. Winter is the best season and a antenna tuner is needed.