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December 2018

NEGARC  December 10,  2018 Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order  at 3:03 pm by President Lloyd  W4LCG Held at 
Starbucks inside Ingles Commerce, GA
Motion made by to accept the minutes from last meeting as posted.

Committee Reports:

Treasury Report: Checking balance $373.72  Treasurer to forward via email a list of paid 2018 members for the corporation records

Repeater: Our 440 is still at the Hospital but shall be removed soon. The 2 meter rig is not in operation. Bob Herrin has resigned as Repeater Trustee.

Skywarn:  No longer an entity for this club

ARES:  No longer an entity for this club

Public Service: No longer an entity for this club

Old Business:  
Still need to sell the equipment to return funds to club.
Items for sale: T5 590 SG Kenwood $900 or with Power Supply $100: We have a offer at $500 for both items by a member. Offer good until December 30th. Unless a better offer is received we shall accept this valid offer.

New Business:  A vote was taken by all member present to dissolve the corporation as of December 31, 2018. Approved by all. Paper work will be prepared and filed by Secretary and President. Existing Officers and Board will be continuing until all necessary business is finished.
Going forward in 2019 we shall continue to meet as a Social Club with no dues, officers or business to conduct. Just for fun.
These are up for consideration to receive our assets : Salvation Army Emergency Services, Commerce Library, Jackson County Humane Society, A childcare's Charity suggested by Frank (name to follow).
It was agreed that none would be donated to other Radio Clubs.
The goal is to be completely done with all Corporation business by end of year. Hopefully that can be done.
We voted to pay forward five years on our WEB Domain name.
President, Treasurer and Secretary will go to Bank to close account and disperse funds.
Treasurer will close out the PO box and forward to address of President.
Email shall  be the preferred and accepted form of communication going forward.

Adjourned at 4 pm with motion by Lloyd and 2nd by Darlene