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February 2018

NEGARC February 1, 2018 Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order by President Lloyd  W4LCG
Motion made by Dick to accept the minutes from last meeting as posted, 2nd by Bob all affirmed.
Committee Reports:

Treasury Report: Checking balance $311.42 Bills paid Domain $23.53, owe this year's Corp Registration of $30 and SERRA $30

Repeater Report: 
As we know our antenna was removed by Crown in November. They want $625 per month for us to go back up. Bob Herrin is working with several options and ways to get help with costs. Issue is we are now behind Barnesville and will need permission and agreement to get back in operation. Could research swapping with another 2 meter not in much use to get their pair. We need money to get back up in operation for materials and manpower.
We need someone to go and physically get all equipment from old shed.

Public Service:  report from Bob Herrin
 Snowflake run  in January had club participation. ARES: Tues net at 7:30 pm  GA Death Race Run 24 hrs March 31-April 1st need Volunteers to beheld in mountains. Run from Vogel State park to Amicalola Falls Park.Net Sundays 5 pm EST and State Hospital Net 3 pm
Sky-warn:  Advance Skywarn/ARES Assistance Teams looking for members that can be deployed.
Old Business: We need insurance on all equipment ASAP. Cost is $1.40 per $100 value
We have some equipment for sale to raise funds. Moving from ListServ to Google Groups IO
Motion made by Dick to accept Darlene KD4TCG as Secretary for 2018, 2nd by Bob all voted to affirm.

New Business:
Directors for club year still open, table for now. We need to update and revise our By-Laws. Gary will post old ones to website and everyone is invited to make suggestions to make them more relevant to today's club.
Getting club certified as a IRS 501c3 Non Profit would allow us to ask for donations from individuals and businesses and tell them it is tax deductible. Club is not a 501c3 at present per IRS list of Charities.

We had the opportunity for members to talk about themselves and what they have been doing with radio lately. Gary WT4Y showed a part done with his 3D. He built his printer and encourages others to give it a try.

We have poster to advertise HAM Radio. Need to find good locations for display. Lloyd brought the posters to us.

A motion was made to adjourn by Dick and 2nd by Frank, Adjourned.