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January 2018

NEGARC January 4, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Lloyd  W4LCG
Introductions all around and welcome to guests.
Minutes from last meeting were put to vote and accepted by the group present. Motion by Darlene KD4TCG and 2nd by Bob Herrin KE4J11

Committee Reports:

Treasury Report: Checking balance $220.95 Gary Griffin Presented a bill for our Domain registration. We must pay the Post office Box $76 and our Corporation Registration to State of GA. Discussion of getting PayPal for members to pay dues and contributions. We can post it to our Website. Motion made by Dick and 2nd by Lloyd.
Repeater Report: 
Bob Herrin reports he is working on a Tower location with several sources and will continue to work to get us a new site or permission to go back on our old site.

Public Service:  report from Bob Herrin
Club has not been active and we need to consider if we would like to withdraw from this activity.
ARES: Tues net at 7:30 pm There is a FEB meeting 2nd Tuesday 

Sky-warn:  Advance Training will be held at Feb ARES meeting

Old Business: We need insurance on all equipment ASAP.
Secretary position for 2018 still open
Continued discussion about on the change over to Groups.io vs Google. Need a Calendar that can be input for future dates and repeating dates.

New Business:
Lloyd made a motion  to accept Shawn as our new Events Coordinator. Frank 2nd motion all said aye.

Program presented by Gary Griffin WT4Y See attachment.

A big thank you goes to Gary for this valuable and entertaining presentation.

Door prize given by Bob Herrin

We have poster to advertise HAM Radio. Need to find good locations for display. Lloyd brought the posters to us.

Motion to adjourn by Darlene KD4TCG 2nd by Gary WT4Y members all said Aye.