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June 2017

The June 2017 monthly meeting of the Northeast Georgia Amateur Radio Club was held on Thurs., June 1st at the Commerce Public Library in the meeting room.

At 6:30 pm, the meeting was called to order by Dick WB4HXF, President. He announced that there was no speaker for this month's meeting as it would be devoted to Field Day 2017 planning.

Treasurer, Frank N4KP, reported $220.95 as the bank balance. The amount hasn't changed since the April 2017 meeting.

Dick WB4HXF reported that a June meeting had not been held due to various conflicts. He also announced that the April 2017 meeting minutes had been posted on the NEGARC website.

Frank N4KP asked that information such as serial and model number of the club equipment needed to be gathered for him so that club insurance on assets could be obtained. The cost of insurance is very reasonable at just $2 per $100. Dick WB4HXF stated he would get the needed information for Frank.

Bob KE4JLL reported that both repeaters are working well. The upgraded UHF repeater now has both analog and Yaesu System Fusion (C4FM 4-level FSK digital) capability.

Bob also reported on upcoming public service events:
Cross Country at Crow's Lake (Jefferson)- Sat., June 10th, 8 am
Jackson Brevet- Sat., June 17th

Dick WB4HXF said while there had not been severe weather activation for Skywarn, severe weather season was now.

Dick also reported that the Atlanta Hamfest was this weekend, June 3-4.

Lloyd W4LCG stated that he was still wanting to get current and prior club membership information. He is trying to increase membership by contacting those that haven't joined for 2017, but had been club members previously.

Dick asked if there was any old business. None was presented.

In new business, Dick announced that ARRL Field Day would be held Sat., June 24th and Sun., June 25th. NEGARC will again be partnering with the Athens Radio Club for this event. The clubs will be operating from the Nicholson Community Center.

Dick listed several needs for member participation at Field Day. Network and server setup, reporting and scoring, GOTA station setup and staffing, ISS and other satellite contacts, getting local agency and personnel attendance inviting groups such as Boy Scouts, and requesting media coverage and taking photos were all mentioned.

Dick asked that those that could be there at 8 am to help with the setup duties. Lunch will be at Cabin Creek BBQ and Field Day participation begins at 2 pm. On Sat. evening the club evening meal will be a potluck supper in the Community Center building. He also asked everyone to please sign up for what you are bringing using the club Google Group post.

Dick also asked everyone participating to bring their antennas, (Morse Code) keys and/or bugs, and headphones along with adapters needed to use the different jacks on the various equipment in the communications trailer. He also announced that there would not be a radio operating schedule used this year.

Dick called for any additional new business.

Lloyd W4LCG made the suggestion that the club equipment use APRS with the club callsign. The consensus of the group present was positive.

Dick made a call for any other business. None was presented.

Dick reminded those in attendance that the next regular meeting will be held on Thurs., Aug. 3rd. There will not be a July meeting due to ARRL Field Day falling so close to what would be the regular July meeting date.

Dick adjourned the meeting at 7:15 pm.

Respectfully Submitted on behalf of the Secretary,
Mark McCoy KM4FMD, Member