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May 2018

NEGARC May 3, 2018 Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order by President Lloyd  W4LCG  (8 present)

Motion made by Lloyd to accept the minutes from last meeting as posted, 2nd by Darlene all affirmed.

Committee Reports:

Treasury Report: Checking balance $373.72 after payment of insurance of $70.76 Report was accepted by all in attendance.

Repeater Report: 
Bob explained that our 440 meter repeater is now at Northridge Hospital. Very hard to use though. 911 coordinator in Jackson  Co.  indicated a place near fire training center is a possibility. Madison Co. offer is still open. Either require a waiver.

Old Business:  Where will we have Field Day activities? WalMart in Commerce is suggested. Our tent cover is at Dick's house. Could use that. Gary and Darlene offered tables.

New Business: This club would like to begin giving testing.
Who is responsible for our QSL Cards? Lloyd will ask Dick.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:08 pm by President