September 2018

NEGARC  Sept. 6, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order  at 6:30 pm by President Lloyd  W4LCG  

Motion made by to accept the minutes from last meeting as posted.

Committee Reports:

Treasury Report: No report this month as Treasurer was absent.

Repeater Report: No matter what we do we will have to coordinate with the Barnesville 2 meter repeater and  appears that is not possible!

Bob has contacted Ryan Wheeler who climbs towers. He charges $75 an hour. We need to raise at least $600 dollars for him plus more for supplies in order to put the 440 meter antenna up. An inventory of our equipment must be done first before we hire Ryan. Madison county 911 center is our best option.

Skywarn:  Dick Ashworth absent tonight.

ARES: A re-org of group heading to National Structure and database is underway. Members will be on levels according to training and have levels that dictate participation.

Public Service: Bob told us there needs for UGA and an upcoming Fallen Warriors 5k

Old Business:  
Still need to sell the equipment to return funds to club.
Items for sale: T5 590 SG Kenwood $900 or with Power Supply $1000

New Business: 2019 Officer candidates needed.

Adjourned at 7:15 pm Motion to adjourn by Bob 2nd by Lloyd.